My Second Year Living in Switzerland

Saying Switzerland is different from Hawaii would be an understatement. I would scribble down little notes throughout my year living as an expat, things that I found interesting, funny or odd.

I continue to get emails from My First Year Living in Switzerland blog and like any blockbuster sequel, we must go bigger. So here are my thoughts, in no particular order, all 41 of them.


1. Ich heisse nicht Gäu

I found myself in a debacle during my father-in-law’s 60th birthday party. As his countless amount of family and friends said their farewells to me, they shook my hand and said either, “schönes Wochenende gäu,” “schöne Woche gäu,” “shöner Abend gäu,” and a few times just “gäu.” I thought to myself, these people think my name is Gäu. Ich heisse nicht Gäu, ich heisse Rex. Luckily before I embarrassed myself by correcting everyone, I turned to my brother-in-law and said what/who is Gau? In which he replied, it’s a word that piggy backs a sentence that reinforces it. Like have a good weekend, yea! English does not have a word for gäu, but at least I know they might know my name.


2. 26 cantons in 1.5 years

I am happy to say that I have visited all 26 cantons in Switzerland. If you are in Switzerland, do yourself a favor and visit other cantons. There are more things or places to Switzerland than the Alps, cheese and chocolates.

3. Do you have an appointment?Picture1

I set up an appointment to have coffee with a friend. Am I becoming Swiss? Has the Swiss influenced this little brain? Am I so organized that I have to set up appointments? But let’s be completly honest here, there is one appointment for the entire month and it’s for you my friend. But rest assured you are marked down and I will be there. Without that appointment we have nothing my friend. Nothing. So be sure to make an appointment.

4. Decade birthdays

It’s a big deal whenever you have a zero in your birthday. 10, 20, 30, 40, etc in Switzerland. In Hawaii we celebrate the first birthday like a wedding. Cancel everything, break out the bouncing house and we are on till the break of dawn. Dig that hole and let’s make an imu. That’s how we do it in Hawaii. Switzerland doesn’t kill a pig for your birthday but they do sure come close. They get their poster game on. You might have stumbled across a poster hanging on the balcony or on the front porch of a person having a twentieth, thirtieth or fifthieth birthday.

5. Wait, it’s my birthday and I HAVE to bring the cake?

Speaking of birthdays. When it’s your birthday, you bring the cake. You bring the cookies. I would love to see a Swiss watching MTV’s Sweet 16 show. They might yodel in agony.

6. Mistaken identity


Living here I have been mistakenly identified as an Indonesian, Chinese and even one of my beloved childhood heroes, Jackie Chan. But I assure you I’m none of those, I’m Japanese and Filipino.

But on one glorious day, an elderly lady got it right. A Filipino lady ran up to me, grabbing and shaking me shouting, “your Filipino right? Filipino? Filipino?” And then she starting speaking in Tagalog, I think that’s what it was. I had to interrupt her saying, “yes, I’m Filipino but not from the Philippines. I’m from Hawaii.” She screamed, “Hawaii!” And then I said again, “Yes” and she quickly replied, “But Filipino right?” I said, “yes” and then apologized that I had to leave. When I left, I turned around to see she had a glow like she met Brad Pit. I get it. I’m constantly looking for Hawaii people living in Switzerland.

7. Aloha Switzerland

Speaking of looking for Hawaii people. “My First Year living in Switzerland” blog made its rounds in Switzerland and a couple of people from Hawaii now living in Switzerland reached out to me. At first I thought, wow this is cool. Only till later, I realize I had an opportunity to bring everyone together. So I created a Facebook group, Aloha Switzerland, If you are from Hawaii now living in Switzerland, feel free to join .  And hopefully in the near future, we can all meet up and have a BBQ on the lake. Make some spam musubis and share a couple of green bottles. P.S. Please join only if you are from Hawaii or lived there more than 5 years. 

8. Film group

My attempt to reignite my creative endeavors. I tried  my best to gather all the Luzern Film makers in one place. Our first meeting was small but promising. If you want to join our group, feel free to join our group in facebook. I must look desperate trying to find friends here in Switzerland. But trust me, I’m trying to surrond myself around postivie people that share the same interest or background. So if you are an aspiring actor, writer, director, sound engineer. Feel free to join our group.

9. Who am I without a tan?Picture3

I had to ask myself this very question while looking in the mirror. Don’t judge me. I actually bought tanning oil. Sitting out on the balcony smelling like coconuts and pina coladas. I thought to myself, “What am I doing? Am I this attached to my tan? Am I the same person with a tan or without a tan? I don’t know and do I care to find out?” I’m not too sure I want to know. But if you ever bump into me and it smells like I’m about to enter a Hawaiian tropics bikini contest, you know what I have been up to.

10. Who am I without a job?

Another question for myself. We all know a person that always has a girlfriend or boyfriend. They cannot live a normal life without a significant other. And I always ask myself, who is that person without their partner. I was so proud of myself that I was never a person that always needed someone. And yet I was that person without a job. Crying in the shower, saying to myself I’m not good enough. Maybe if I work out more, they will like me. Maybe if I ironed my shirts better, they would accept me. As I scroll through all the job posting in English or German, I say this is the job for me. Waiting and waiting. Maybe they will return my text. I would rather get a no than a no-answer. Almost two years without a job, I finally accepted who I was without a job. I do not need to have a job to show my worth, my value, or my spirit. Of course this is easier to say now that I have a job. I am very happy to report that both parties are happy, myself and the company. If you didn’t read the stages of grief looking for a job in Switzerland, read my year 1 blog #14.


11. Sour gummy bears after eating spicy food

Don’t do it. Your welcome.

12. Stores closing on Sunday – Black Friday in America


Living in Switzerland has made me a better shopping planner. Having stores close so early and on Sundays. You have to plan your meals on in advance. Being spoiled in the states having stores open 24/7 made me an impulsive shopper and not a planner.

If you need to shop on a Sunday, you can attempt shopping at the Bahnhof, but be warned. It can sometimes feel like shopping on a Black Friday.

13. Black friday

Talking about Black Friday. They have black Friday here, but wait, they have no American Thanksgiving. And yet they have Black Friday.  Be careful what you ask for Switzerland.

14. My emotional journey learning German

I did not expect getting emotional on my last day of school. But I did. I saw it for what it was. It was a closure of another chapter in my life. One year spent in school learning a foreign language. I have gone to technical school, immersive writing class and yet I found learning a new language to be one of the hardest things I have done. It showed how bad my memory is. I would like to think I’m a good problem solver but when it comes to memory, good luck keeping anything in my brain. My memory disappears like a popsicle on a hot sidewalk. There is no weight. No way of holding on. The harder I try the quicker it slips through my fingers. With that all being said, I am happy to report that I was successfully able to attain my B1 Deutsch Certificate.


When I graduated from B1 German. I was one of the better students. I spoke ok, I studied hard, I was motivated, I asked other students to meet every week so we could speak more German. I took an extra online course with my already 3-hour German class. What can I say? I wanted to do well. Fast forward to entering B2 German. New school and new classmates. I entered the class confident only to realize I was now the worst student in class. Going from B1-B2 German felt like going from no German to A1 German. People spoke so freely in B2. Using words, I never heard of. I asked the teacher, am I in the right class? What is going on? She quickly said, “Welcome to B2.” – FML.

15. People love football here!

16. Got Swiss bank problems?

Good luck cashing a check here in Switzerland. “Do you still write on scrolls?” is the look you will get when trying to cash a check at the bank.


Another small tip and what I had to learn the hard way is that you have to constantly monitor your bank/credit. I went from having an 800 score to a 600 because I didn’t know my bank changed its payment for a having a loan. Even though my loan is paid off, I have to pay $35 a year to keep the loan open. No email, not notification, no statement even in my online banking. The only thing I got was a credit warning saying my score dropped. I had to sign up for a free credit score to see why my score dropped. Errrrrr. Monitor your credit and bank accounts.

17. Still getting first class mail

When I moved to Switzerland, one of my biggest questions was mail. When I went to the post office and wrote my new forwarding address which was in Switzerland. I was convinced nothing was going to be forwarded to me. Close to 2 years later, I was still getting first class mail. Everything else is sent back to the sender. Letters, packages, magazines, etc. But it’s good to know you can get important first-class mail forwarded.

18. To be poke or not to be poke, that is the question

When is poke not poke? I’m not here to police restaurants but when I see poke bowls on the menu and see what their poke bowls are. I get really disappointed. I thought about this a lot and my question to the places selling poke bowls is this, “If you take away the bowl or take away the rice, is it still poke?”


If anyone does a quick google search of Poke, they will quickly see what real poke is. But it seems almost inevitable that every culture will have their food cross into the food revolution zeitgeist of the world whether it be pizza, tacos, etc.

19. I am no hero

As I slowly see my life slip away from me in front of my eyes. I see my wife gently slip into a deep blue coma and unlike sleeping beauty, she is not going to wake with a kiss. She chokes as I compress on her body like a child playing street fighter for the first time. Slapping every button and making every motion that is possible.street20fighter20ii20special20champion20edition202When panic hits you like a boulder in a pond, one forgets the easiest of tasks. Some people have forgotten the number to 911 in an emergency situation. It’s like watching a person trying to get into a car in a horror movie. They fumble the keys and even drop it, as you scream at the screen, you *insert foul language.* You think to yourself that would never happen to me. Well my friend, that’s what I used to think. As I stood frozen as a deer in headlights to see if my wife was joking or for real. She looked at me with panic, with desperation for air and the universal sign for choking (grasping her neck). I ran in the back of her and immediate forgot everything. Is it the chest or stomach I must compress? I did both and when that didn’t work. I went to the good ole slap on the back. I knew it wasn’t correct but it felt right. I hit her back like I was in a video game. Combo after combo. I raised my hands like Subzero ready to rip out her spine. She was still choking so I did the next best thing I could think of. I would perform my version of the Heimlich while moving her to the front door of the apartment. My move would be to get her to the door and I would then drop her like a deck of cards and run to the neighbors screaming in horror. Great game plan I thought to myself. When I got half way to the door, my wife stopped me and whatever she was choking on was now out. I immediately went to the couch and sat in relief. I thought to myself, “man you suck as a man, as a husband, as a hero you so wish to be.” Playing back the events in my head, I pictured myself walking down the streets as strangers pointed me out, laughing and throwing tomatoes saying, “there goes the guy who couldn’t save his own wife from a piece of apple.” I would walk the streets like cane but without the adventures. I work odd jobs like fixing Pez dispensers. I played out this horrific story in my head and when I finally got the courage to ask my wife what she was choking on. She responded from the kitchen. “Water…” I yelled back, “Water?!” She replied calmly, “Yes, just water.” – FML


20. Hawaii on my mind


I got Hawaii on my mind. My first year living in Switzerland, I had no time to miss home. But my 2nd year, all I had was time to miss home. With no job and all the time in the world, it’s the most I missed home and it sucked. I didn’t want to admit it but deep down inside, I missed the ocean, I missed the sand, I missed the sun, I missed being able to go for a quick surf, I missed bbqing, I missed being able to arrive at my friend’s house unannounced, I dearly missed the food, I even missed spam. I missed my friends. Lucky for me, a couple of friend visited me in 2018.


21. 1… 2… 5 years

I said it once, I said it twice, I say it all the time. I’m not going back home for at least five years. I did not uproot my life to move across the world to turn around and go back home. I’m here in Switzerland to see Switzerland and all of Europe. People always seem shocked and surprised when I tell them I’m not going home. With all that being said, I’ll go back to Hawaii if someone pays for it. wink, wink.

22. Picking a photo style is like picking my favorite cereal to eat FOREVERPicture11

When I was a child, my mom onced ask what cereal we wanted. I would always pick Frosted Flakes. This is around the time bulk buying was being introduced and she would get these huge boxes of cereals. In my head, I would never get tired of Frosted flakes but sure enough, after a couple of weeks of eating the same cereal every day, I got tired of it. I later asked my mom to buy the variety pack, the one that included the dreaded cereal with no sugar, corn flakes. I loved the variety box because I got coco pops, rice krispies, and frosty flakes. My photography style is kind of the same. I will see a style that I love and think, well that’s it, that’s my style. Fast forward a month and my photos already start to change.  I’m sure every social media adviser would want to pull their hair out and say stick to one style. Well I can’t … Sorry not sorry. I’m always evolving like a Pokémon.

23. Stranger danger

My need to have a little bromance. Talking with a friend over beers about travel, surf, photography, girls, whatever. I did not know how much I missed it until it presented itself to me in the form of a complete stranger. Sometimes I head out to the lake to take photos of the sunset with my drone. I’m always cautious and try not to bother anyone, so I end up on random hills or bushes that are off the beaten path. One day I stumbled across a person doing the very same thing. He was landing his drone while I was setting up mine. He was curious about my new Mavic Air that later lead to him telling me about who he is. He was traveling around the world before starting his required military duties in South Korea. This fascinated me so much that I asked him if he wanted to have a beer down the street.  He said yes and we made our way to a nearby restaurant. As we approached the restaurant, I told him you know what, its much cheaper to get beers at the gas station, he agreed. As we got closer to the gas station, I said you know what, I bought beers and its at my house which is down the street. And of course he agreed. In my head I thought this is how every psycho killer movie starts.


At the house, I showed him some of my photos and videos as he told me about his life in South Korea. It was so invigorating speaking English again and about similar interests. My wife was working late that night but I was in high hopes she would arrive for the satisfaction of seeing her face as she sees a complete stranger standing in the living room. The very living room that her panties were hanging on a rack to dry because today is also laundry day. To my disappointment my new friend left before my wife arrived. I told her the tale of meeting my new friend as she looked at me with complete horror. How could I invite a person over to the house I just met? What can I say? I’m a dangerous kind of man.

24. OMG I have dandruff

It was a lovely Swiss summer day when my wife said, “You have something in your hair. Did you play in the laundry? There is no snow, why is there white stuff in your hair?” Wait what? When I examined my head, that 90’s head and shoulders commercial played in my head and I knew exactly what I had and needed to buy.

25. Kaffee näh

I used to drink energy drinks every morning. I’m happy to say that I have transitioned to coffee.  But don’t worry I have not gotten addicted to fancy coffees or do I need a Starbucks coffee every morning. A simple cappuccino or a light coffee will do the trick for me.

26. Znüni

Every country could appreciate Znüni. What’s Znüni you ask? A break at 9. And I’m not saying like oh we are going to get a cup coffee or smoke a cigarette. No, I’m talking drop your hammer, stop everything, we are going to have our coffee with our croissant.


27. Scarfs… Jackets… Shoes…

I own more jackets, scarfs, and shoes than I have ever owned in my entire life combined. I kind of like having different jackets for different occasions. I love my leather jacket. I love my work jacket. I try to avoid my big blue jacket but it keeps me warm in every condition. My scarf is more like a mini blanket. When I open my closet, I’m all like…

28. Cold & Spicy equals your level of manhood


When I sold hot sauce, I quickly learned that some people would judge your manhood on how you gaged what was spicy and what was not. A few people would try my hot sauce, roll their eyes, say, “that’s not spicy” and walk away like they had the cure for cancer. I always found this odd and wanted to make a super duper blow your butthole hot sauce for those special people.

Fast forward to living in Switzerland. Some, not all, will judge my choice of clothing while I venture into the outdoors. Don’t get me wrong, I can sometimes dress like I’m from Hawaii… HA I am from Hawaii. But really being able to walk in shorts and a t-shirt in the blistering cold winter does not make you more of a man than me. I’m trying my best to adapt and even attempted the Wim Hoff Method. I hope to be better in 2019 and beyond, but please don’t judge me because I wear thermals, a long sleeve, a small jacket, a big jacket, snow shoes, a mini blanket scarf and a ushanka (beanie that covers my ears). I’m so warm outside I could fall asleep, and sometimes I do.

29. Bar hopping is expensive


So, you want to grab a couple of drinks at the pub with some friends? Make sure you come ready to drop some cheddar, money that is. Drinking out is not cheap. It will average you anywhere from 6-12 franks for one beer. Furthermore, I wish there were bars with great bar food. One of the great things about Hawaii is that you can find great bar food. So good, people will go to some bars for the food and not the beer.

30. Joe Rogan = My Oprah

Podcast after podcast, I laughed, I cried, I learned, it sparked curiosity, it sparked motivation. Joe Rogan is my new Oprah. My spiritual animal. What makes him great is he always expresses himself honestly. There are no bosses, no sponsors he needs to talk too. He has what they call F U money. So, he makes these for fun because he enjoys them, not because he needs to make them.  If you never heard of him, I suggest these five podcasts. One of them might spark your interest.

This particular three hour podcast, I watched twice. Never heard of Teddy Atlas? Netiher did I. Once he started talking about his father, it was over…

Paul Stamets (Mushroom Man) –

Matthew Walker (Sleep Doctor) –

Elon Musk (Now infamous podcast) –

Sober October (For laughs)-

31. 2nd fridge

No one told me about this great free 2nd fridge. It’s called outside. The stuff I leave outside on my balcony in the winter should be a crime. Chicken, beer, steaks, vegetables everything.

32. Wait you live in Luzern but work in Bern?!

Sometimes I feel like people think I’m coming by horse. Yes, I realize I travel 1 hour by train. But what most Swiss don’t realize is that I use to spend 1 hour in my truck in grid lock traffic getting to and from work.  Now I spend it on the train zoning out, sleeping, listening to podcasts and sometimes writing these blogs.


33. Searching for a fisherman…

I have been obsessing over making a fishing video ever since I moved here to Switzerland. I’m searching for a fisherman that has been fishing on the lake for more than 20-30-50 years. I wish to spend a day, a week, a month with him or her talking about how it was and how it is now.  I am deeply fascinated with this subject because I come from a fishing family. Many weekends spent on the beach fishing, crabbing and sometimes on my dads’ big boat. I’m drawn to the water like a moth to light. Recapturing my childhood. I would love to capture a beautiful fishing story here in Switzerland. If you are that person or knows of a fisherman that lives in Luzern or near Luzern, please get in touch with me. I would love to tell their story. E-mail me at:

P.S. They don’t need to speak English, he/she can speak Swiss German. I speak a little Deutch and My wife will translate the Swiss German.

The feel and look will be along the lines like the video below.

34. Bourdain

I don’t get emotional when it comes to celebrities passing away. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I never shared a strong connection to that person I never met. I never imagined my heart stopping, my breath sucked out like a vortex. And then that day came. The day Bourdain passed away. The man that got me curious about other countries. The man that always told it how it is. The man I always dreamed of meeting and having a beer with. While I was dating my wife, we binged through his tv series. We laughed at his dark jokes and wished to trek the same path as him. In fact, when I traveled to Ireland with my mom in 2013, we went to the same restaurants he went too. One of the reasons why I even considered moving away from home was his admiration for moving away. I admired this man. I read all his books and read about his dark past, his motivations, his no bs for bs tolerance. I was deeply saddened by his death. He taught me to always say yes to a meal, no matter what it looked like. Eat the food, smile and ask for seconds. I will miss you bourdain. May you live forever in the hearts of be the beloved traveler.


P.S. A small part of me thinks one of my rex vs episodes influenced one of his shows. If you saw one of his interviews about the making of the show, you might know that they divulge in movies, shows, music, and everything that they can find about that country. . One of my first videos I made was in Denmark. Fast forward a couple of years, and I see a very similar shot in his episode. This was before travel vlogs were popular. In fact when I searched youtube back in 2010 on denmark, not much was out there. Any who… Yes, I know, its probably not inspired by my little vlog but one can dream. Either way great minds think alike.

This 2010 travel vlog is inspired by Bourdain.

Bourdain later went to Copenhagen and got an interview in the same ferris wheel as i did 2010. Yes I’m reaching….

35. Greece

Santorini’s beauty is a place that cannot be captured by photo or video. I’m sorry it simply can not, it’s that beautiful. But here is my attempt…

36. My body does not know your remedies

When I drink teas, nothing happens. When I take Swiss remedies, nothing. My body craves what my body knows. Hawaiian salt in warm water for a sore throat. If my throat really hurts, I suck on a lemon with li hing mui powder. I tried sucking on a lemon and my body was like, what are you trying to tell me? You thirsty? Drinking lemonade? What!??!? Something is comforting about taking what my Mom use to give to me. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, maybe that’s how my body is adapted. Whatever it is, my body does not respond to your teas, onions, cheeses, or warm hugs. What it wants is li hing mui drenched in lemon that makes my throat want to retreat to my internal organs.

37. Allergies

Did I jinx myself last year? My allergies were pretty much non existent in 2017. In 2018, boy was it a tough year of sinus head aches, sneezing and wasted days. I feel very bad when its gorgeous outside and I’m stuck in my bed battling yet another allergy attack. I bought myself an expensive Hepa fitler. I bought myself all the pills that Switzerland could offer without a doctor. I searched tirelessly on the internet for home remedies. Sinus headaches that take me out for at least 2 days. With my broscience, I noticed that whenever my head got a little cold, my brain/eyeball felt like it was going to burst out like an alien coming out of my body. When we were scheduled to travel to Italy and canceling was not an option. I decided to melt my sinus headache out by wearing all my winter clothes the night before. I woke up in a pool of sweat but It worked. I was still a little ill but at least I could get out of the house. You have a home remedy that you swear by? Other ideas?


38. Do they put something in the water?

For the first time in my life the dentist said, “You are good to go, see you next year.” Wait. What? No cavities? Maybe my teeth ran out of space for cavities? Yes, its embarrassing to say but from my childhood to a grown man. I have suffered from having cavities. I brush my teeth twice a day, occassionaly floss. Ok I barely floss. However, I like to blame my cavities from having sinus problems and being a mouth breather. I swear I read something online about people having more cavities if they breath through their mouth. Either way, yeaaa to no cavities. Wait is this the same as my allergies? First year, nothing. Next year, my mouth is a breathing factory of cavities.

39. Logemol: Nothing is more motivating than being broke

From commercials, to concerts, to events to even product photography. Everything was fair game. Heck I would have shot adult content if I needed to. Nothing is more motivating than being broke, nothing. Well maybe starving. I marketed myself in ways I have not in the past. I use to let my work speak for itself and let the clients come to me. Well this year, I relentlessly promoted myself on social media, I asked around, I networked, I volunteered, I worked for free, I was 1 big mac away from standing on the corner passing out flyers. Luckily it didn’t come to that. I am truly grateful for all the customers that gave me a chance to show them what I am capable of making. Now that I have a full time job, I slowed down my marketing, but I am still open to more freelancing work. I am open to freelancing on holidays, evenings and weekends. I can also get a lot done on the train ride to work. Check out my work at and drop that DM in my inbox.

Swiss Travel System


Ticket to Nowhere

British Swiss Chamber of Commerce

40. I’m walking here

Pedestrians always have the right a way in Switzerland. Always. It’s a place where you can actually yell at the car and say I’m walking here.


41. My word

Chase your dreams. Make cheesy vision boards. Set goals. Do whatever it takes to take you from point A to point B. Even if that means you fail and people make fun of you, at least you tried. Always move forward, always.

My word for 2018 was Immerse.

2018, I went head first in involving myself into different things, meeting new people, the dreaded “networking events” let’s call it what it is, meeting people and drinking. I did gain a lot from it. Friends. Customers. Business. Etc. I’m so grateful for the freelancing jobs from networking events. It took me to construction sites, to events, and event to Zermatt.

Some of my goals for 2018 were to be in the media and I was able to crack into the newspapers and social media. Setting goals and a vision is nothing new and some people don’t need to do it or find it silly. I need to do it. I love check lists. I love physical calendars with tasks.  I eat that shit up.

So next year, now that I have a full time job. It’s time to go full throttle again in creativity. I hope to create a web series, a mini documentary I have been obsessing over, more vlogs, and more fun Rex Vs videos.

My word for 2019 is Create.

My Song for 2018

My First Year Living in Switzerland


Saying Switzerland is different from Hawaii would be an understatement. I would scribble down little notes throughout my first year living as an expat, Things that I found interesting or funny or odd. So here are my thoughts, in no particular order, 19 of them.

1. The Questions I get asked Frequently (like Clockwork)

  1. Why did you move from Hawaii to… here? (Saying it like Switzerland is Mordor)
  2. What do you think of the president (Trump)?


    Switzerland is more like Rivendell of Middle Earth. Photo by Rex Moribe

2. School Humor


My first months of school can only be described as a complete train wreck of laughter and snafu. My biggest snafu in my journey of learning German is when I tried to tell a young lady she had the Pregnancy Glow. Do you know what the pregnancy glow is? Well if you ever saw a pregnant woman walking on clouds of happiness. It seems nothing can shake her. It’s like she has found the secrecy of happiness.  Another example of explaining it is when a person gets “lucky.” You know, when you see the person the next morning from a night out, and you stare that person in the eye and say, “I know what you did last night!” Two examples of the pregnancy glow in ENGLISH. Now try explaining that in another language you just learned combined with your limited bro-sign-language.  When I told my wife the story, she busted out in laughter. She said I basically told the girl she smiles a lot when she is fat. It’s a good thing the student and I were already friends and she probably assumed I was trying to tell her something nice but couldn’t find the words to tell her. Bottom line, when trying to compliment someone in another language, a good ole thumbs up might just do the trick.

3. Learning German

Speaking of learning German. I have two little quips about learning Deutsch.

  1. My need to exaggerate. d85887b78f23a001b202149bb46e5a04I always kind of knew I was an exaggerator, and like to express my feelings in pidgin or slang. For example, whenever I see something awesome, words like Animals, Next Level, Braaahh, Guy, Yea You, and Boom pop into my head. In the early 2000’s, people would say things like “That’s Hot!” Well in German, they say Gut, Schön, Tip Top, maybe Toll, maybe Sehr Gut, maybe Wunderbar. I remember trying to explain how big Halloween is in Hawaii compared to here. I lost count on the amount of Sehr sehr sehr I said. The teacher quickly said “Ein Sehr Rex, One very Rex.” I’m sure there are other German words to express oneself in excitement but trust me when I say, it’s not enough, and selfishly I’m already saying “Nächste Stufe” for Next Level.
  2. 55599024One would say learning German here would be easy because everyone is speaking German. Wrong! People speak Swiss German here. The best way to explain this flavor of German is Pidgin (Hawaii Slang). People who speak pidgin can understand people who speak English, but people who speak English can barely understand Pidgin. It’s the same here in Switzerland. Swiss can understand Deutsch (German) but Germans cannot understand the Swiss. So, what I learn in School does not necessarily translate to the streets. And when I sit down for dinners with my wife’s family, the only words I catch is Genau and Also.

4. Scheisse not Scheissi

Somehow I have created a new word while trying to say the word Shit. Scheisse (pronounced something like shy-say). I thought I was saying it correctly for a long time until someone said, “it’s so cute how you say Scheisse that we started saying it like you.” What? Have I been saying a German word wrong all this time time? Yes, I have. Yes, I have. Well my pronunciation of Scheisse is Scheissi (Shy-seeee). I love things that end in Skiiiii. For example I call my wife Babeskiiii. So having something similar like Scheissiiiiiiiii (with out the K), I found it to be a great word to express myself and I honestly thought I was nailing it. Nope. I still continue to pronounce scheisse wrong, why reinvent the wheel at this point.


5. Favorite day\Moment


Photo from my favorite moment in Switzerland. An empty road.

I have seen 17 cantons in Switzerland in the span of one year. I seen the most beautiful locations. Everything is new. Everything is an Exploration. Everything is an Explosion. In addition to this year, I’ve also got to see France and Italy. And yet I am here to say the most memorable moment, I have had since moving away from Hawaii is on a simple morning. Waking up at 4ish in the morning and being dropped off in the middle of a field. I was there to capture a sunrise/fog time-lapse. I spent that freezing morning watching the fog dance in the morning glow by myself. The more the sun touched the white misty fog, the more it disappeared. Breathing in the chilled/fresh/farm air while I hear my camera click off a picture every few seconds. After an hour or so, I made my journey home. Walking alone on the empty streets. Seeing the beautiful mountains and empty farmlands struck my soul down to the bone marrow. It was in this moment that it hit me. “I am living in a new country. I am alone. What the F#$ am I doing here?” My emotions caught me. This moment became much bigger than taking photos. It was a defining moment of me being here in Switzerland. I am here and this is exactly where I should be, in the midst of the fog clearing away for my arrival on this empty street.

6. Hawaii is still more Expensive than Switzerland.


Don’t get me wrong, Switzerland is expensive, but your salary to cost of living is accommodating. I mean minimal wage here lives up to the name, you can live on minimal wage. Try telling that to a person in Hawaii. Most people in Hawaii work two jobs or move back into their parents house or give up and move away.

I do still try to find savings where I can, for example is my new best friend. I’m used to paying for shipping and waiting forever. Too often you see on any site, free shipping and in tiny print, except Hawaii and Alaska. Now living in Switzerland, it’s the same but I must wait on average 2-5 weeks for a package coming from China. It beats buying the same thing in a store in Switzerland for 10x the price.


7. What I Miss?

It’s not who I miss but what I miss about them, what I miss about that particular moment. Like the moment we saw the sunrise over China Man’s hat, or the endless amount of bbq’s we had together or the time we woke up in the blistering cold sandy beach of Makaha, seeing the surfers already out in the water warming up for their heat for the Buffalo Contest. I miss the music that travels through the air from random bars. I miss the diverse nationalities of living in one place. The Swiss are very diverse but Hawaii is the definition of Diversity. This means we can have our favorite Japanese, Vietnamese, Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, even Himalayan, of course local food, breakfast hot spots and plate lunch places that come with Poke. I miss watching the sunrise from the ocean. I miss driving around the island on a rainy day. I miss the collaboration with other indie film makers. I dearly miss Onstage and everything that comes with it, the regulars, the music and cheap beer.


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8. Who am I?

I thought I would never move from Kauai and yet I moved away as soon as I graduated High School. I really believed I would never move away from Oahu and yet I’m in Switzerland writing this here blog. In the past, I got IT Non-Tax job offers to other countries for a pretty penny (alot of $). I was offered jobs twice in Singapore, twice in Japan, once in Italy and once in Germany. I turned them all down because I couldn’t get my head wrapped around moving away from Hawaii. I always felt I needed to do something before moving, but what? I didn’t know. As the years went by, the more I returned to my roots. Which meant more time spent with friends, bbqing, camping, fishing, crabbing, hiking, surfing, and exploring the different islands. Countless laughs, reminiscing of the past, exploring new places, making new memories and embracing every moment. It all meant more when I absolutely knew I was going to move away. It was 2 years of doing everything I wanted to do and even doing things I didn’t imagine. For example, camping on top of a remote mountain with little food and water.


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9. I see Hawaii Everywhere and in Everything

How Hawaii has crossed oceans and countries. 12230902_1665817123687644_127355598_nI see Poke Bowls. I see “Da Kine” backpacks everywhere. I don’t think anyone here knows it’s a brand that originated in Hawaii and “Da Kine” is a Hawaii pidgin word. They even sell Kona Beer here. Every pizza/Italian restaurant has a Hawaiian Pizza. Every single one. How heart broken would it be to tell them that all Hawaii people don’t eat their pizza with pineapple. And furthermore, pineapple is no longer grown in mass in Hawaii. But the most memorable time is when I seen a guy wearing a BJ Penn shirt. I yelled “Hawaii” and ran up to him and started blabbering. By the time I was done talking to this poor stranger, he had a confused look like “What?” I did not realize how fast I switched into pidgin. And no the guy was not from Hawaii, he bought the shirt years ago in Hawaii. Brah!

10. My Crazy Brain

I always secretly wanted to give up everything and start over. I knew it would be a struggle. It would entail an exploration of oneself. I’m obsessed with oneself and what that means. How we can change as human beings. Diamonds are made from constant pressure. The most interesting people I have met in life either had a hard up-bringing or had a tragic event happen to them. Here I am in that moment and it is harder than I ever imagined and yet it’s easier. My wife helps a lot, like a lot-a lot. I also find strength in knowing that I will be a better person in the end. My ego can be my greatest strength and my worst enemy. I must manage him constantly.

11. Pünktlich “On-Time”


You know you are becoming Swiss when you get worried when the bus or train is 1 minute late. I hope everyone is OK. Maybe there was an accident.  I shit you not, 1 minute late. The transportation system here is soooo LEGIT! When it says 2:01, you bet your ass that bus or train is going to be there at 2:01. It is almost Harry Potter like magical. I don’t know how they do it, but I’m very grateful and happy they have figured it out. The world, especially Hawaii should adopt whatever system they have here in Switzerland.

12. Neighbors

The beauty of living in a place like Switzerland is that traveling to other European countries is reasonably affordable. In the past year we have visited France and Italy (twice). It’s totally possible to do weekend trips to neighboring countries that won’t break the bank. Here is one of the Rex Vs videos from our recent trip to Italy.

13. My New Swiss Ohana

A family that hikes together, stays together… I love going to places that Manuela and her brothers went to as kids. They tell me stories of them playing in puddles and sliding down mountains. And what can I say, I want to play there too.


My New Ohana

14. Job Hunting more like Job Looking…


15 years of IT experience working on one of the largest intranets in the world. Successful Entrepreneur as a Hot Sauce Manufacturer, Da Secret Sauce. Award winning Film-Maker, Dear Thalia. Lastly a Professional Athlete (bodyboarder) with Sponsors like Manta Bodyboards and Viper Fins. You would think finding a job would be easier. Well you would be dead wrong. I mean don’t get me wrong, I expected rejections but not a black hole. The Swiss love degrees, certificates and what’s really important is previous experience in that industry. For example if you want a job at a Pharmaceutical company, they require you to have previous experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. “It’s like what came first, the chicken or the egg.” Here are my “Stages of Grief applying for Jobs in Switzerland”
1st – Disappointment.
2nd – Frustration.
3rd – Self reflection. Is it me, is it you? Should I change?
4th – Anger.
5th – Really Angry.
6th – Crying in the shower.
7th – Acceptance.
8th – Just another Tuesday afternoon. Did I have my Cappuccino yet? Oh it’s late. Better just eat a quick lunch before Deutsch class. Did I do my homework? Oh yea I did, the night before. I wonder what new grammatical word that pushes the verb to the end we will learn today. Let me read that rejection email one more time. Oh yea it stings. I still have emotions. Cool. Guess I will go to school now and pretend I didn’t get rejected for the 37th time.


I feel like I’m constantly living in the Upside Down looking for a job. Photo by Ryan Beppu

15. My Accomplishments here in Switzerland

Though I have struggled with finding a Job, I have still gotten a lot of things done. I have kept busy by either going to school, blogging, vlogging, volunteering or networking.  Here are some of my highlights.

1. Newly Swissed; I am a part of Newly Swissed. An online magazine that caters to visitors and locals. I got to do some amazing things being a part of this great social network. For example, I got to go surfing. Yes I said Surfing.

2. Lily Centre; I joined a local community here in Luzern called The Lili Centre. This is a place for people to meet and network with other expats and some locals. Here is your home away from Home. I made their promotional video and I hope to be more a part of the community this coming year. They also run Living in Luzern. Daily news, weekly updates, things to do, advice for expats and what it’s like to live in Luzern.

3. Vlogging; I’m vlogging more. Although, I have slowed down the first half of the year. I plan on vlogging more of our adventures and daily activities. These won’t be fancy edits but more of a raw look into my life living here in Switzerland.

4.; While in Switzerland I got a very exciting email in which it was stating that my film, “Dear Thalia” was selected to be a part of Comcast streaming platform Xfinity, and it would stream the entire month of November. Here is the link to my Filmmaker Spotlight Interview.

5. Great Big Story: I was on site doing a story on “The Valais Drink Pure Festival” in the canton of Nendaz, when I bumped into another film maker. He was there for Great Big Story and doing a story on a certain Alp Horn player. While sharing a beer together, we told each other about our lives and how we got to this place. And long story short, my drone footage ended up in his video.

6. SIVO; I was selected to be a Mentee and I would be assigned a Mentor. He or she would help me with my Career here in Switzerland. I got a very successful expat that has gone through the same issues as I (see above #14). He has helped me with my CV and Linkedin profile to meet the Swiss Market.

7. Deutsch; I am at B1 level. Yeah Me!

16. Layering

I knew it would be cold but how cold. It wouldn’t matter because what I didn’t know and what I soon found out, is that what you wear during the cold is most important. Layering. Layering your clothes is probably the most important things you can learn. In the beginning I would wear a t-shirt/jeans and a big jacket. So either I’m hot or I’m freezing. No middle ground. Learning how to layer so that you can always find that perfect amount of warm is mission critical.


17. My Big First: Seeing Snow Fall

I can only explain seeing snow for the first time like being kissed for the first time. Or maybe catching your first wave. The longer you wait to see xyz (fill in the blank), the more impactful that moment is for you. I remember a friend from Paris seeing the Pacific Ocean from a Hawaiian cliff for the first time…she cried. She actually cried. I initially thought something was wrong, but then she so poetically in her french accent said, “You are so lucky, you live in the most beautiful place in the world.” For me that moment was seeing snow fall for the first time. All the cliche things about snow,  like making a snowball, making footprints in the snow and even catching snow in your mouth was all done by yours truly.

18. My word for 2017 was “Adapt”


Manuela riding her Bike through Ettiswil, Switzerland.

They were many moments where I wanted to turn around. In fact, one networking event in Zurich I almost turned around and went straight back home. I was so mad at myself for already giving up. When I got off the train in Zurich, I told myself, just get on the next bus. On the bus I said, just get there and on the door step I said just go in and give it 15 minutes. And the rest is history. I met a lot of cool people and it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I did learn that listening to Hawaii music calms my nerves. And the constant mantra I repeated to myself, “I Refuse to Fail Here” We can make a million excuses not to do something or see it as an opportunity to push through that excuse. It’s not always easy but I encourage you all to take one step at a time.

19. Hawai’i Aloha

The song that plays on repeat and brings me to tears. If you choose to watch only one video on this blog, well this is the only one you should watch. This is my home. The music. The people. The land. The ocean. The spirit. Hawai’i Aloha. Mahalo for reading.

Aloha and a hui hou,

Rex Moribe
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Bonus: Other Random thoughts…

Chicken? Beets? Yes Please.

Any type of steak is like buying the finest filet mignon in the States. Bottom line, I’m not paying 30 something bucks for a single serving steak cut that I have to cook. However, the chicken is dirt cheap and Swiss guaranteed. Which means I eat chicken at least 5 times a week. Also this is the most vegetables/salads I have ever eaten in my life. The produce here actually tastes like produce. I absolute love the beets here. I eat beets at least 3 times a week. Although, I do miss a good bowl of Pho or a Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl or a simple Spam Musubi. Yes we LOVE spam in Hawaii.


Got Allergies?


In Hawaii, once a month I visited the hospital to get 2 allergy shots. One for Nature (pollen, dust mites, grass, etc.) and one for Pets (Cats, dogs, horse, etc.). I also took an allergy pill (Claritin D) every day. Doing these two preventative actions, I gotten my allergy attacks down to once a month, instead of once a week. Here in Switzerland I take no shots or intake no pills. In one year, I had 2 allergy attacks. And in general my nose is less clogged. I don’t know what is in the air but it seems to be a whole bunch of nothing.  Well at least for me. Just fresh air for days. And honestly the biggest fear for me moving here was my Allergies. Not the cold. Not the People. Not the Job search. Not not having Friends. Not learning a new language. But my dam Allergies. Knock on wood or more like knock on my nose because I’m not sneezing.


Best Night Photos of Venice

Venice has been shot with every camera, every lens, every angle, every perspective and yet we all still flock to it like bees on honey. I rarely, if never shoot night photography simply because I’m still a work in progress photographer. In Venice, I forced myself to learn the simple techniques of long exposure shots with my Sony Camera and my DJI Mavic. Here are my results and what I found to be my best.

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A little lesson to be learned with the drone (DJI Mavic) is that when shooting night, it’s better to let the drone sit in the air for a hot second before taking the photo. I would fly in place and immediately take the photo. 100% of those photos didn’t come out. Let the drone sit in place for about 10 seconds to a minute then try taking that long exposure shot.

What’s your best night photography shots?

Aloha and a hui hou,


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Movies: My Favorite Films from my lifetime


Like Ash Ketchum catching Pokemon, I try to watch them all. I absolutely love movies, from blockbusters to comic book to indies to foreign films, I love them all… Well, to be perfectly honest, I steer clear from horror films. I enjoy my sleep, why thank you.

A list of favorite movies since the year you were born. It’s not necessarily the best movie of the year but your favorite movie of the year. As you can tell from my list, I’m a child of the 80’s, favorites from Karate Kid to Goonies to Stand by Me.

Here are the rules.
#1. Every year since you were born, pick a favorite movie from that year.
#2. For every 5 years you get a “&” extra movie of a life time year. Example I’ll be 37, so I have 7 &’s.
#3. For every 10 years you get an extra “+” movie of any year (before you were born). I have 3 +’s.

Rex Vs Films
1980 – Superman II
1981 – Raiders of the Lost Ark
1982 – Conan the Barbarian
1983 – Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi
1984 – The Karate Kid &1 The Last Starfighter
1985 – Goonies
1986 – Stand by Me
1987 – Predator
1988 – Big
1989 – Back to the Future part II
1990 – Total Recall
1991 – Terminator 2
1992 – Wayne’s World
1993 – Jurassic Park &2 The Sandlot
1994 – Forrest Gump
1995 – Braveheart
1996 – Independence Day
1997 – Good Will Hunting
1998 – There’s Something About Mary
1999 – The Matrix &3 Fight Club
2000 – The Beach
2001 – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone &4 Amelie
2002 – The Count of Monte Cristo
2003 – Finding Nemo
2004 – 50 First Dates
2005 – Batman Begins
2006 – The Devil Wears Prada
2007 – Transformers
2008 – The Dark Knight &5 Iron Man &6 Tropic Thunder
2009 – Inglourious Basterds
2010 – Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
2011 – Bridesmaids
2012 – The Avengers
2013 – The Wolf of Wall Street
2014 – Ex Machina &7 Chef
2015 – Creed
2016 – Sing Street

1973 +1 Enter the Dragon
1987 +2 North Shore
1988 +3 Cinema Paradiso

What’s your favorite films from your lifetime?

Aloha and a hui hou,


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Top 5 Cat Photos of Italy

During our recent trip to Italy (Venice, Cinque Terre & Capri), I couldn’t help but notice the cats.

Recently I had to admit to myself that I am indeed a cat person. Do I own 30 cats? No. Do I want to own 30 cats? No. Do I want to snuggle 30 cats. Maybe yes… Absolutely yes if they are kitties. One of the first pets we owned as a family was a cat. These childhood memories of snuggling our kitty has manifested itself into something more. Something like this, where I would take the time to take photos of the street cats.


All 7 days in Capri we could count on this one particular cat we called Lazy. She was in front of our hotel from 6am to 2pmish. Countless amount of tourist and locals would stop, pet her for a bit and continue on their day. In the afternoon you almost had to nudge her to make sure she was still alive. These Italian cats take near death like naps. It was astonishing and yet I was a little jealous inside.  I would like to think Lazy was Batman at night… wait catman or catwoman. Stopping would be robbers and drunken visitors from making grave mistakes like taking a picture with a selfie stick.

These cats embodied Italy. They took siesta’s. They blocked the sidewalks. They went where they pleased. They gave you just enough attention so that you come back. I loved these dam cats.


#5. Lazy sidewalk (Capri)


#4. Rooftop chilling (Capri)


#3. Morning stretching (Cinque Terre)


#2. You’ll do nothing (Capri)


#1. 10 (Cinque Terre)

This particular cat in Cinque Terre, a girl actually checked her pulse to see if she was alive. No matter how much we petted her or whispered sweet nothings, she didn’t budge. Taking napping to a whole new level; Near death siesta level.

After our 2 week vacation in Italy, I came home, laid in my bed and next thing I knew, I was out cold like a Italian Cat.

Aloha and a hui hou,


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Blue Balls Festival


The Blue Balls Festival
The discovery of music

I have been yearning for live music here in Switzerland. Like a rat dragging a pizza on a New York sidewalk, I was ready to drag any one to the stage saying, “Sing, dam you sing!”

Now I’m not talking about Ed Sheeren or Bruno Mars type of concerts. Those happen every other weekend in Zurich. What I’m talking about is a local pub that is tucked away in a corner next to a Chinese Restaurant. I’m perfectly fine sitting in a dark smoky bar with little to no people. What I crave is acoustic, raw, in your face music that beats at your bones and makes your heart weep.  Any and all bullshit that you have managed to sweep under your shaggy rug called life is pulled out of your soul with their sound. This is the kind of music my body yearns. You see, I was spoiled living on Kapahulu in Hawaii, where I could walk to my local pub and hear Guy Cruz (may he rest in peace). Once a week, my therapy session served with cheap beer, a small crowd, and loving dysfunctional friends.

In a place where restaurants are everywhere and bars at every turn, you would think finding acoustic music would be easy here in Luzern. Once in a while you can catch traveling singers/bands playing on the streets.

The Blue Balls Festival. 9 Days of music, food, art and more music. I mean A LOT of music. Multiple stages, solo singers, big bands, popular singers, even unofficial musicians tucked tightly in the streets playing for change. Music is everywhere.

My heart beats again. My ears drunken from the sound. Life is good. In two nights I discovered 2 new bands. One that blew my mind, a folk band, Sound of The Sirens. We were already walking home, when I stopped dead in my tracks. Their sound, their voice, their passion, Wow.

It’s one of those bands where it’s better live 🙂 My favorite song is at 42:50″The Circus”

The second singer we discovered the next night with Manuela’s friends, Nina and Fabienne both coming from Zurich. Nina requested to see a singer by the name of Tash Sultana. Power, Enchanting, Possessed, and Solo. Those are the words that come to mind thinking of her performance. I soon realized Tash was already playing on my Spotify for months… Jungle… On repeat.

Some photos of Tash

My soul is full….until it becomes restless again and I will have to find another great festival like the Blue Balls. Much Mahalos to the Blue Balls Festival, and A hui hou.



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What has Rex been up to? – Update (1. July – 2017)

What has Rex been up to?

  • Ich habe Deutsch gelernt; I am knee deep in German/Deutsch language school. I have come a long way from only saying cheers, hello, and good bye to now having a 2-year old German conversations. Yes 2, not 3! I heard a 3 year old girl talking on the bus the other day, and she was smooth as butter. I graduate ECAP A1 this month and looking to continue my German classes (A2).  I have also turned on German subtitles (when available) for all the Youtube videos and Netflix shows, in hopes of that helping me. I wish to be able to speak to my wife’s (Babeski) family by next year.
  • Newly Swissed; My new Switzerland Vlogs are now being uploaded on the Newly Swissed YouTube channel. This collaboration has opened many doors and I’m so grateful. So far, I have gotten to eat delicious new foods, stayed in a hip Zurich hotel and even got to Surf. Yes I said it, Surf! This coming month, I will be heading to a Alphorn Festival, which I’m super pumped to see and hear.
  • Five-O Friends; Babeski and I got a visit from familiar faces. I did not realize how good it would feel to see, talk, and eat with friends from Hawaii. Well it did and I did not want them to leave. 🙂  I hope more friends and family come to visit in the near future and ultimately maybe some will stay for good. We see, one can dream.
  • Music Video; I have been working on a new Music Video that I’m very excited to release soon. Be on the look out for Ticket to nowhere, you heard it here first.
  • North to South; From Schaffhausen to Lugano. Babeski and I have been on the move during the weekends. Pictures can be found on my Insta @rexmoribe and more vlogs, videos to be released in the coming months.
  • Itay; A new Vlog on my Rex Vs channel will be uploaded soon. It was our recent weekend getaway to Cannobio, Italy.  Market, Food, Clothes, and a View to die for.
  • Aloha; I recently resigned from my job. 15 years of my life working in one of the largest networks in the world. I was happy and sad to walk away. I always pictured myself dropping the mic when I left, but it happened like a ninja in the night. One day I’m there and the next, poof I am gone. It was unexpected. I can honestly say for me personally, I worked with one of the greatest teams ever. You see I worked the last 6-8 years alone, with colleagues spread across the whole continental mainland. I have seen colleagues get married, have kids, their kids have kids, divorced, even a couple of colleagues passed away. We put sweet, tears, many nights and many more weekends into that network. I missed dates, big surf, birthdays, concerts, camping trips, you name it, I probably missed it at one point because of XYZ outage. At the time, it was painful, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I endured and showed what I was capable of doing and what I would sacrifice to help the team. And what I ultimately learned is that I work great under high pressure. Countless amount of managers on the phone, tapping their fingers on the table, waiting for you to fix the new high visibility issue at 3 am. And we usually did, we always did. And when it was fixed, like Batman, we waited until the next signal to save the network…again. Aloha to all my colleagues and Mahalo to my boss Joel, for being the most technical, understanding boss a Tech could have.

Much Mahalos for following my journey here in Switzerland and I look forward to my new chapter in life. I’m excited and scared all at the same time which I love because it makes me feel ALIVE!

Deby & Marc

Dipping my feet into portrait photography, I was accompanied by the beautiful couple Deby & Marc. Searching for the perfect photo, we explored the little towns around us and was greeted with the morning fog in which one of my favorite photos were captured.

What I learned is that I have a long way to go as far a posing my models. Saying things like “yea do that look again, you did before” or “do that fierce look.” I want to blame a communication issue but Deby speaks English well, but my brain still could not find the words to get certain looks. Luckily Deby figured out what I was trying to communicate or not communicate and we were able to get some stunning photos. I look forward to expanding my photography portfolio.

Shot with: Sony a6500, & SIGMA 18-35mm f1.8 DC HSM lens
Edited: Lightroom