Rex Vs Emergency Kit (Hurricane/Tsunami/Black out)

Rex Vs Emergency Kit (Hurricane/Tsunami/Black out)
My Personal Disaster Recovery Kit and then Some.
Be Ready so you don’t have to Get Ready

When I was 11, 7 days before my 12th birthday, my family went through Hurricane Iniki. I’m now by design and instinct to always be ready. No water/electricity for 3-4 months in 1992. Something like that will change your view on every and any disaster that comes your way. Ask any one who went through a Hurricane, Earthquake, Tsunami, Tornado, etc and they will probably all respond the same “I wish I prepared BETTER or knew sooner” Also because I live in town near Waikiki it scares me to think that most people living in the city thinks nothing will happen. Look at the previous warnings or even the last tsunami warning. People waiting on the beach, even after seeing what happened in Japan. Some people need to touch the fire to see if its hot. Well my finger already got burnt off, so here is my always Work In Progress Emergency kit.

Of Course WATER, FOOD and Secure Shelter, etc etc.ย  First make sure you have the essentials, a good site Red Cross.

For Example these Food Containers you might think to store things like electronics and what nots and I say Yes to that, however what you could also do is fill them with water and freeze them the day/night before. Not only do you have water but now you have cheap ice.

Did I get your attention? or you already knew that and made a rocket ship with it too. Well good for you. I made this for me who tend to forget and for family and friends and of course my Mom. She will know I’m ready.

like any person I’m on a budget and here is a few tips.

#1a Ross’s (lights, candles, tools, food containers, almost everything on a good day)
#1b Sam’s Club/Costco (Food, Water, Batteries, Tape, Rope, plates, toilet paper, etc)
#2 Walmart (Same items as Sam’s/costco but less bulk, plus fishing gear, spears, axe, charcoal, grill, vehicle stuff, pet stuff, you get it)
#3 City Mill/Home Depot (Home improvements, tools, McGyver stuff)
#4 Good Will, Salvation Army (Old radios, Clothes, Booths, Shoes, Containers)

So after I got ALL my Water, Food and some essentials this is how my kit unfolded. In no particular order.

Let there be Light! Candles from Ross’s (Super cheap) and flash light from Walmart like $5. #Boom Lighting solved..well Almost

Batteries and more Batteries. Not as cheap but they have become more economical. Of course if you get any device to run on solar or from cranking, get those, but nothing beats a high voltage battery light. I recommend getting a bit of both.

My Homping Smokeless Charcoal Grill that is just BAD ASS!! I bought this a month ago because my old grill started to act funny and this is AMAZING! Only need 5-8 briquettes and you grilling up for about 3-4 hours. Cost me $200, already saw it online for cheaper here.

And of course a little fuel for my little grill ๐Ÿ™‚

My portable stove. Super cheap any where. Fun to go camping with and is so convenient to cook or boil water.

Lots and lots of fuel. I get choke maybe too much ๐Ÿ™‚

You know those mid-weeks you get ever week, yea it was probably a good idea to save them. Good for fire starting and even clean up.

What happens when your precious water bottles are gone, good to have these. If the water is still running, can filter, if not running, then use water filter jug.

Old school radio I plan on getting a better one from a 2nd hand store.

Medical Kit. For me I need my asthma pump, allergy medicine and for some reason Nyquil cures almost everything else for me, so I have that too.IMG_6198

Basic Tools

“What would McGyver Carry” Tools (Swiss Knife, Portable Axe, Portable Shovel, Duct Tape, & Bungees)

Paper Plates, I know what you thinking.. why? How you going wash your nice dishes when there is no water? your drinking water? That’s pretty dumb! Use drinking water for DRINKING! Also get cups, utensils, chopsticks, etc etc.

Fake Blood, so if get riots or someone breaks in I can pretend to be dead…Oh you still reading..thankx just checking. But my real point is everything in your home can take on a new purpose even this…I don’t know what yet…Maybe walk around all bloody so no one bothers me when looking for water and food. Genius!IMG_6218

Luckily I make my own hot sauce Da Secret Sauce so I already had these on hand. Good for clean up and helping others. IMG_6208

Your spices will take on a whole new meaning. I bought more garlic cause garlic last long and is just GOOD. Also note Can Opener..DAH!IMG_6231

It’s also good to have all your oils. Look I even got my left over from Switzerland. Even some natural juice sweeteners.

What ever you use to brag about making that last long like homemade jams, sauces, etc etc, make them before hand so you got them and you know whats in them. I make Da Secret Sauce and have cases of it. Further more Spicy/Pepper ingredients are known to kill bacterias in your food hence why many 3rd world countries that have little to no electricity like spicy foods (but don’t quote me on that cause I’m not a doctor). So its a good idea to get yourself your favorite hot sauces



Da Secret Sauce

My all time favorite thing when cooking. Aluminum foil. Stalk up if you are like me. IMG_6232

This is my tub, yea I took it like this because I didn’t want to show you how clean it is! Not! Colorox your tub, disinfect and fill that bad boy with water. Yea sounds gross but when you dying that water might be useful. However the main purpose of this is…wait for it…flushing your toilet. What you going use? your drinking water..dumb! Fill anything with water even your trash cans, you can find a use for it like flushing the toilet.

Lastly, MORE LIGHT! You can’t have enough lights. If you going to use the bathroom or go somewhere, you going to take the main light? It’s better to have lots of lights. SUPER CHEAP at Ross’s. I buy them all the time and leave them around the house and in my truck.



Also things like Ziploc bags to store electronics or jewelry or whatever.

If you have something electronic/document/picture very important and not that big, email it to yourself. Any thing bigger can be uploaded to sites like dropbox.

Trash bags to store clothes and even further take out can goods or dishes out of cupboards and put clothes in there and tape cupboards shut.

Charge Everything that is chargeable.ย  Laptops, Phones, IPADS, Shavers, etc etc etc. You would rather not need it and have it charged, then need it and not be charged.

Also something very COOL and IMPORTANT. Charge all your OLD PHONES. You know those flip phones lying around. Guess what you can do with them even with no sim card?!?!?? Emergency calls. Have them always off but charged and if you need to call 911. Boom. Old Flip Phone. You are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

I also have a lot of other things that was already in my home like Fishing Gear, Spear for fishing, Crab nets, Binoculars, sewing kit, etc

My Food items
Potatoes (Last for like forever)
Cup o Noodle
Vienna Sausage
Pork & Beans
Variety of grain bars, power bars, etc

Tips/Hacks for Camping Trip..CLICK HERE

Again this is my own kit, if you have the power to make something uncomfortable more comfortable, do it. Things that I would want that I don’t have room for is things like a generator and extra gas. Living in a complex…becomes complex for emergency kits. If you have anything else feel free to comment.

You know what’s cool..Safety First is cool!


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