Deby & Marc

Dipping my feet into portrait photography, I was accompanied by the beautiful couple Deby & Marc. Searching for the perfect photo, we explored the little towns around us and was greeted with the morning fog in which one of my favorite photos were captured.

What I learned is that I have a long way to go as far a posing my models. Saying things like “yea do that look again, you did before” or “do that fierce look.” I want to blame a communication issue but Deby speaks English well, but my brain still could not find the words to get certain looks. Luckily Deby figured out what I was trying to communicate or not communicate and we were able to get some stunning photos. I look forward to expanding my photography portfolio.

Shot with: Sony a6500, & SIGMA 18-35mm f1.8 DC HSM lens
Edited: Lightroom