What has Rex been up to? – Update (1. July – 2017)

What has Rex been up to?

  • Ich habe Deutsch gelernt; I am knee deep in German/Deutsch language school. I have come a long way from only saying cheers, hello, and good bye to now having a 2-year old German conversations. Yes 2, not 3! I heard a 3 year old girl talking on the bus the other day, and she was smooth as butter. I graduate ECAP A1 this month and looking to continue my German classes (A2).  I have also turned on German subtitles (when available) for all the Youtube videos and Netflix shows, in hopes of that helping me. I wish to be able to speak to my wife’s (Babeski) family by next year.
  • Newly Swissed; My new Switzerland Vlogs are now being uploaded on the Newly Swissed YouTube channel. This collaboration has opened many doors and I’m so grateful. So far, I have gotten to eat delicious new foods, stayed in a hip Zurich hotel and even got to Surf. Yes I said it, Surf! This coming month, I will be heading to a Alphorn Festival, which I’m super pumped to see and hear.
  • Five-O Friends; Babeski and I got a visit from familiar faces. I did not realize how good it would feel to see, talk, and eat with friends from Hawaii. Well it did and I did not want them to leave. 🙂  I hope more friends and family come to visit in the near future and ultimately maybe some will stay for good. We see, one can dream.
  • Music Video; I have been working on a new Music Video that I’m very excited to release soon. Be on the look out for Ticket to nowhere, you heard it here first.
  • North to South; From Schaffhausen to Lugano. Babeski and I have been on the move during the weekends. Pictures can be found on my Insta @rexmoribe and more vlogs, videos to be released in the coming months.
  • Itay; A new Vlog on my Rex Vs channel will be uploaded soon. It was our recent weekend getaway to Cannobio, Italy.  Market, Food, Clothes, and a View to die for.
  • Aloha; I recently resigned from my job. 15 years of my life working in one of the largest networks in the world. I was happy and sad to walk away. I always pictured myself dropping the mic when I left, but it happened like a ninja in the night. One day I’m there and the next, poof I am gone. It was unexpected. I can honestly say for me personally, I worked with one of the greatest teams ever. You see I worked the last 6-8 years alone, with colleagues spread across the whole continental mainland. I have seen colleagues get married, have kids, their kids have kids, divorced, even a couple of colleagues passed away. We put sweet, tears, many nights and many more weekends into that network. I missed dates, big surf, birthdays, concerts, camping trips, you name it, I probably missed it at one point because of XYZ outage. At the time, it was painful, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I endured and showed what I was capable of doing and what I would sacrifice to help the team. And what I ultimately learned is that I work great under high pressure. Countless amount of managers on the phone, tapping their fingers on the table, waiting for you to fix the new high visibility issue at 3 am. And we usually did, we always did. And when it was fixed, like Batman, we waited until the next signal to save the network…again. Aloha to all my colleagues and Mahalo to my boss Joel, for being the most technical, understanding boss a Tech could have.

Much Mahalos for following my journey here in Switzerland and I look forward to my new chapter in life. I’m excited and scared all at the same time which I love because it makes me feel ALIVE!