Blue Balls Festival


The Blue Balls Festival
The discovery of music

I have been yearning for live music here in Switzerland. Like a rat dragging a pizza on a New York sidewalk, I was ready to drag any one to the stage saying, “Sing, dam you sing!”

Now I’m not talking about Ed Sheeren or Bruno Mars type of concerts. Those happen every other weekend in Zurich. What I’m talking about is a local pub that is tucked away in a corner next to a Chinese Restaurant. I’m perfectly fine sitting in a dark smoky bar with little to no people. What I crave is acoustic, raw, in your face music that beats at your bones and makes your heart weep.  Any and all bullshit that you have managed to sweep under your shaggy rug called life is pulled out of your soul with their sound. This is the kind of music my body yearns. You see, I was spoiled living on Kapahulu in Hawaii, where I could walk to my local pub and hear Guy Cruz (may he rest in peace). Once a week, my therapy session served with cheap beer, a small crowd, and loving dysfunctional friends.

In a place where restaurants are everywhere and bars at every turn, you would think finding acoustic music would be easy here in Luzern. Once in a while you can catch traveling singers/bands playing on the streets.

The Blue Balls Festival. 9 Days of music, food, art and more music. I mean A LOT of music. Multiple stages, solo singers, big bands, popular singers, even unofficial musicians tucked tightly in the streets playing for change. Music is everywhere.

My heart beats again. My ears drunken from the sound. Life is good. In two nights I discovered 2 new bands. One that blew my mind, a folk band, Sound of The Sirens. We were already walking home, when I stopped dead in my tracks. Their sound, their voice, their passion, Wow.

It’s one of those bands where it’s better live 🙂 My favorite song is at 42:50″The Circus”

The second singer we discovered the next night with Manuela’s friends, Nina and Fabienne both coming from Zurich. Nina requested to see a singer by the name of Tash Sultana. Power, Enchanting, Possessed, and Solo. Those are the words that come to mind thinking of her performance. I soon realized Tash was already playing on my Spotify for months… Jungle… On repeat.

Some photos of Tash

My soul is full….until it becomes restless again and I will have to find another great festival like the Blue Balls. Much Mahalos to the Blue Balls Festival, and A hui hou.



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