Top 5 Cat Photos of Italy

During our recent trip to Italy (Venice, Cinque Terre & Capri), I couldn’t help but notice the cats.

Recently I had to admit to myself that I am indeed a cat person. Do I own 30 cats? No. Do I want to own 30 cats? No. Do I want to snuggle 30 cats. Maybe yes… Absolutely yes if they are kitties. One of the first pets we owned as a family was a cat. These childhood memories of snuggling our kitty has manifested itself into something more. Something like this, where I would take the time to take photos of the street cats.


All 7 days in Capri we could count on this one particular cat we called Lazy. She was in front of our hotel from 6am to 2pmish. Countless amount of tourist and locals would stop, pet her for a bit and continue on their day. In the afternoon you almost had to nudge her to make sure she was still alive. These Italian cats take near death like naps. It was astonishing and yet I was a little jealous inside.  I would like to think Lazy was Batman at night… wait catman or catwoman. Stopping would be robbers and drunken visitors from making grave mistakes like taking a picture with a selfie stick.

These cats embodied Italy. They took siesta’s. They blocked the sidewalks. They went where they pleased. They gave you just enough attention so that you come back. I loved these dam cats.


#5. Lazy sidewalk (Capri)


#4. Rooftop chilling (Capri)


#3. Morning stretching (Cinque Terre)


#2. You’ll do nothing (Capri)


#1. 10 (Cinque Terre)

This particular cat in Cinque Terre, a girl actually checked her pulse to see if she was alive. No matter how much we petted her or whispered sweet nothings, she didn’t budge. Taking napping to a whole new level; Near death siesta level.

After our 2 week vacation in Italy, I came home, laid in my bed and next thing I knew, I was out cold like a Italian Cat.

Aloha and a hui hou,


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