Best Night Photos of Venice

Venice has been shot with every camera, every lens, every angle, every perspective and yet we all still flock to it like bees on honey. I rarely, if never shoot night photography simply because I’m still a work in progress photographer. In Venice, I forced myself to learn the simple techniques of long exposure shots with my Sony Camera and my DJI Mavic. Here are my results and what I found to be my best.

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A little lesson to be learned with the drone (DJI Mavic) is that when shooting night, it’s better to let the drone sit in the air for a hot second before taking the photo. I would fly in place and immediately take the photo. 100% of those photos didn’t come out. Let the drone sit in place for about 10 seconds to a minute then try taking that long exposure shot.

What’s your best night photography shots?

Aloha and a hui hou,


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